-What The People Are Saying About Us-



“I am not a yoga person but this was a phenomenal yoga class. Difficult and you definitely need to be familiar with basic flows and terms but not judgmental. I will be back”

“Kajuan is one of the best yoga instructors I've had in the 10 years I've been practicing. He's knowledgeable and provides a good foundation for proper alignment and positioning that allows for a vigorous but conscious flow.”

”Apart from providing a challenging vinyasa flow, I equally appreciate the dedication toward building a community.  Kajuan, the owner, has an uncanny ability to make people feel welcome by introducing his students to one another.  It’s such a great feeling to be able to have a place to chat with like-minded adults outside of the office or a bar.”

”Merge [New York] has some of the highest quality yoga you're going to find in New York City. Kajuan, the founder, plays with perspective, mediation, and a challenging physical practice in ways that consistently feels fresh. He also creates a safe space for you to try more ambitious poses you might not have attempted before.”




“I've been taking Untitled Movement every Tuesday for a few months with Jess and it is my favorite part of my week!”

“Incredible class—absolutely true to the class description. Challenging, rejuvenating, and fun.”

“Great combination developing strength, stamina, fluidity for the entire body. You will definitely sweat.”

“This is one of my favorite classes—you work super hard and get extra sweaty without feeling like you’re going to die”


“Yogi Charu is one of the best yoga teachers in NY. He connects your heart with your mind while de-stressing your entire body. This is a great class if you feel out of balance or stressed. He is warm, compassionate, and wise.”

“Yogi was amazing! Highly recommended. Love this studio!!!!”



“It was my first time taking a yoga class. I truly loved the experience since the instructor, Yogi Charu was precise with his instructions. Moreover, yogi Charu encouraged everyone to connect their body, mind, and soul and think about self-care/self-respect which created an open positive environment. In addition, the class emphasized a lot of breathing, long isometric hold and small but hard movements which challenged my core, balance, and stability. Can't wait for next week class!”



“Great corrections and cues from instructor!”

“Michelle's classes are my favorite! She is as encouraging as she is challenging, and makes me feel like I am a warrior. I love that she welcomes you to just be in your body, trust yourself, and get out of your own way. Michelle has improved my form so much, and I always look forward to her class! She is truly the best!”