THE BRIEFING (Quick + Easy)

• Studio is open to students 30 minutes before classes scheduled time. Please do not buzz or arrive too early as it disrupts the class currently in session.

• Arrive at least 10 minutes early to the studio.

• No admittance to class 5 minutes after the start of the scheduled class time. 

• No cell phones in class. 

  • Mats are complimentary, therefore provided for you in the studio.

• Instructors and class types are subject to change without notice. Check the class schedule for updates.

        • Classes and Packages are non-transferrable or refundable.

• Whether you waitlist or book into a class, if you’re added to a class we expect you to show up.

• Expiration Policy: All sales are final. All sessions and classes have expiration dates, please refer to your expiration dates on your Mindbody account.

• Merge New York is a phone-free reception studio. Our concierge does not receive phone calls. All inquiries can be addressed via our website or via live chat or email. We encourage clientele to be responsible and amenable to our studio culture, policy and etiquette.  We understand delays and unfortunate events occur, however our policies are in place to foster an environment built on respect and responsibility.


Etiquette Policy Discipline + Respect 

Rude or aggressive behavior and words towards any Merge NY staff member or student in our community will not be tolerated. We have the right to refuse service if a violation occurs. 

Please follow your instructors cues and directions. Each class has been intelligently designed by the instructor. Be respectful and try your best. If you are disruptive or distracting to the instructor or students, the instructor has the right to ask you to leave. 

Notify your instructor of any medical considerations including past and present injuries, pregnancy or medication that might require exercise modifications before the start of class. 

No cell phones in class. Please do not use phones before, during or after class while in the practice space. It is disruptive and a distraction. You may text while in the concierge area. If there is an emergency please notify the concierge and instructor beforehand!

Please limit entering and leaving the room. It is extremely disruptive and causes a distraction regardless of how quiet you believe you are. We are understanding of emergencies, however violation of this policy will result in removal from class or permanent removal from studio. Violations will be noted by instructor and concierge. 

If you must leave early, notify your instructor and set yourself up near the exit to limit the distraction to others. Please be mindful and respectful of other paying clients. Violations will be noted by instructor and concierge. 

Criticism and Feedback

Feel free to acknowledge the concierge and instructors with thoughtful compliments and gratitude. We are a community of uplifting each other. However, negative criticism and feedback is not welcomed unless asked. We do not support internet or in person bullying, racism, sexism or prejudice against any person based on gender or sexuality. If you are disturbed by a music choice or something an instructor says, speak from intelligence as opposed to emotion. Our staff consciously prepares their classes, but speak sincerely and impromptu. If you are dissatisfied, you are welcome to politely leave. Bashing and attacking staff via blogs, website, or in person confrontation is unnecessary and unwanted. We are all cognizant adults. However, if you need to express negative feedback, please refrain from this exchange with your instructor. Please contact management via the concierge immediately. Your safety and wellbeing is our priority.

Cash Free

We accept debit cards and all major credit cards. You may save a card on file allowing you to charge classes online or purchase in-studio for your convenience. Merge NY is not responsible for any bank overdraft fees.

Studio Age Policy

Students must be a minimum of 16 years of age in order to attend class. A waiver must be signed in studio by parent or guardian. Contact specific teacher via the concierge for specific considerations. 

Prenatal Policy

All pregnant students will be required to get instructor approval prior to taking classes starting at the second trimester (14-27 weeks). If there is a lack of compliance, you will not be allowed into class. 

Lost and Found

Merge NY is not responsible for items lost, misplaced, or stolen while visiting a studio. If you think you may have lost something, contact the Merge NY Concierge. Items are held at the desk disposed on a month-to-month basis.

Dog Policy

Merge NY students are not allowed to bring pets to the studio. Pet privileges are reserved for our select Teaching Staff only.


Class Registration:

Pre-registration will reserve a space for you in class. You may cancel a reservation ONLINE up to 6 hours before the start of any class, and you must be present for Check-In 5 minutes before the class begins to claim your reservation. At 5 minutes before scheduled class time, all unclaimed reservations will be forfeited. You will remain enrolled and charged for class, but entry into class will be based on first to arrive, first to enter. 

Class Return and Exchange Policy

All Merge NY services are non-refundable, transferable or exchangeable. All sales are final.

Class Switch Policy

Class switches are not permitted. Late switches can prevent a fellow student from getting into class. Please only book classes you can definitely attend.

Late cancel fees will apply if the request is made within 3 hours of the class for unlimited members. No exceptions. 

Single class or class pack members are unable to switch classes once the 3 hour cancellation window has lapsed.

Class Lateness Policy

Students are only permitted to enter prior to the start time of class to keep our students safe and the flow of class moving. Please arrive 10 minutes early to secure your spot. If you are not present promptly at class start time, your spot can be given to a student waiting on Standby. You will be denied class entry due to lateness if you are not in the classroom at 5 minute past class start time. You may attend the following class on Standby.

Standby Policy

Students must be present at the studio to be added to the Standby List. Students are added to class from the Standby List 5 minutes before class start time if space is available. Class entry is granted on a first come, first served basis and is subject to availability. Entry is not guaranteed.

Class Cancellation Policy

Merge NY has a strict 6 hour cancellation policy for all classes. Cancellations made with less than 6 hours notice will incur in a $25 Late Cancel fee for all unlimited students and the loss of a credit for all students with single or package pricing options.

Class No Show Policy

If you are not going to make it to class please cancel to allow another student to take your spot. Absence without a cancellation will result in a No Show fee of $25 for all unlimited students and the loss of one credit for students with single or package pricing options.

Private Cancellation Policy

Private Sessions must be paid in full 3 days in advance to reserve your service. Merge NY has a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to reschedule, cancel, or miss your session, you will be charged for the full cost of the session or one will be deducted from your package.

Workshop Cancellation Policy

Late Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in loss of credit.

Extension Policy

Students may extend the expiration date of unused credits for 30 days at the cost of $10 / class & $15 / private session. To extend your package contact the concierge. 

Annual Unlimited Membership Cancellation Policy

Merge NY Annual Unlimited Membership is paid-in-full and expires after 12 months. No cancellations, refunds, or transfers for unused time.

Consumers Right to Cancellation: You may cancel this contract without any penalty or further obligation within three (3) days from the purchase date.

Annual Membership Class No Show fee is $25.

All Annual members receive one free hold per twelve-month year.  For example: If you suspend your membership from February 15th, 2018 to March 16th, 2018 you would not receive another courtesy suspension until after February 15th, 2019. Additional holds available for $25/ month. Members may place their Membership on hold for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of six months.

To hold your membership, contact the concierge via email with the exact begin and end dates needed. You must get written confirmation of both the hold and release of the hold.

Medical suspensions may be put into place free of charge following the receipt of a valid doctor’s note within 2 weeks after desired Membership suspension date. Pregnant Members may suspend their membership free of charge for students in or after their third trimester, see our prenatal policy for more details!

Membership benefits do not apply while membership is on suspension.

Annual Membership Hold Policy

Annual Unlimited Members may hold their membership for up to one month (30 days) per year, which may be taken in up to two parts. A hold fee of $25 will be charged for each suspension scheduled, whether full or partial. Membership benefits are not available for the duration of your hold.

To hold your membership, contact the concierge via email with the exact start and end dates for suspension. Please allow 24 hours for processing. You must get written confirmation of both the hold and release of the hold.

Medical suspensions are available on a case-by-case basis upon the receipt of a valid doctor’s note. Once you are cleared to come back to class, Merge NY will need a doctor’s note to release your booking hold following a medical suspension. Pregnant Members may suspend their membership during and after their third trimester, see our Prenatal Policy for more details!

Failure Processing Payments 

If your billing fails to process, Merge NY will try to contact you via email. Should you not provide payment within seven days of your bill date, your membership and booking privileges will be suspended until balance is received and account is in good standing.

Consumers Right to Cancellation: You may cancel this contract without any penalty or further obligation within three (3) days from purchase date.