Yoga Classes

Asana Mechanics (All Level Hatha)  -60 Min- 

All Level strength building class based on anatomical alignment of bones and muscular integration. Postures are static to deepen your understanding while strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility and refining individual alignment.

Hatha + Meditation (All Level). -60 Min-

The classical approach to Yoga including traditional yoga postures, practices and techniques meant to energetically align the mind and body.

Slow Flow + Meditation (All Level) -60 Min-

A gentle approach to vinyasa linking poses intimately with breath and concluding with an insightful meditation practice.

Vinyasa (Intermediate) -60 Min-

A rhythmic Yoga movement practice of consciously linked yoga postures in a specific order to sharpen your awareness of patterns and timing. Movements are linked with intelligent transitions to keep the flow. 

Power Vinyasa (Intermediate) -60 Min-

A fast-paced, strength-based class incorporating inversions and arm balances into the vinyasa flow sequence. Strengthen muscles and increase flexibility while listening to hip hop and R&B music for inspiration.

Fitness Classes

Stretch: (All Level)  -50 Min-

Stretching for the lengthening of muscles and inviting more space into the joints. This is an exploration of safe techniques to enhance your flexibility using active and static stretches with the option to go into deeper stretches and poses.

Mat Pilates (All Level)  -50 Min-

A mindful but challenging physical practice which strengthens the entire body with a focus on your powerhouse. Building the foundations of the Pilates techniques and progressing towards flowing gracefully and mindfully. 

Architecture + Flow (All Level) -60 Min-

A biomechanics based movement practice blending Hatha, Vinyasa and Stretching with the lyricism of dance. 

Integration (All Level)  -50 Min-

A vigorous fusion of Cardio, Yoga, Pilates, Barre and breathing to merge mind, body and soul.  

Therapeutic Classes

Sound Bath:  -60 Min-

An immersive sonic experience with the gong and/or various instruments for relaxation & meditation.

Yoga Nidra:  -60 Min-

A guided supine meditation practice for deep relaxation.

DBT: Mindfulness and Zen Practice -50 Min-

A form of satsang or gathering of like-minded individuals. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a mindfulness-based therapy that balances the use of acceptance strategies from Zen Buddhism with change strategies from behavioral therapy. This DBT Process Group is a gathering to learn cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness skills to better identify and manage our emotions, including anxiety and depression. We will learn and practice applying these skills to better tolerate life events and improve our ability to interact effectively with others.