Yoga Classes

Vinyasa (Intermediate) -50/60 Min-

A rhythmic Yoga movement practice of consciously linked yoga postures in a specific order to sharpen your awareness of patterns and timing. Movements are linked with intelligent transitions to keep the flow. 

-Flow with us-


Power Vinyasa (Intermediate) -50/60 Min-

A fast-paced, strength-based class incorporating inversions and arm balances into the vinyasa flow sequence. Strengthen muscles and increase flexibility while listening to hip hop and R&B music for inspiration.

-Empower yourself-


Hatha + Meditation (All Level)

-75 Min-

The classical approach to Yoga including traditional yoga postures, practices and techniques meant to energetically align the mind and body.

-Practice with the Master Yogi Charu-

Fitness Classes


Untitled Movement ™ (All Level) -60 Min-

A rhythmic strength training workout combining dance technique, plyometrics and cardio exercises in a circuit style format. This musically-driven and athletic workout continuously moves to build strength, flexibility and endurance. You are guaranteed to sweat! Bring your own towel.

-Join the Movement-


Integration (All Level)

-60 Min-

A vigorous fusion of Cardio, Yoga Stretches, Pilates Technique and Principles with Barre Method. It’s an abs, arms, ass class that strengthens your body while it sharpens your mind and free the soul.

-Build With Us-

Mat Pilates (All Level)  -50 Min-

A mindful but challenging physical practice which strengthens the entire body with a focus on your powerhouse. Building the foundations of the Pilates techniques and progressing towards flowing gracefully and mindfully. 

-Get Stronger with Us-


Social Gathering & Classes


The Hangout: A Social Gathering 

A social space comprised of meditation, discussion and community building. This is a collective for meaningful conversations. Each gathering includes a short meditation followed by discussions ranging from philosophy, social skills, interpersonal relationships, tv/music/media and more. This is a safe space to express, listen and socialize without judgment or expectation. This class focuses on creating a social impact by changing the narrative of how we relate to each other.

-Socialize With Us-



Share the communal open loft space at Merge New York as a casual workspace.  Set yourself up and work in a casual and informal setting with complimentary tea, coffee, and water. Bring your laptop or notebook to write, study or simply spend some down time in a relaxed co-working space.

Admission includes access to workspace from time of sign up until the 4pm.

-Get Work Done-


Wine Club

Our monthly wine club is a gathering of people to learn and socialize about wine. Each club gathering is hosted by Rudiger Eilers, the Director of the Sommelier Society of America. Join us every month as we sip and discuss a variety of curated wines and how they pair well with food. Learn to taste and converse about the wine, the beverage of culture.

(must be 21 years or older to attend)

-Sip with us-