They are all infatuated with her words, wealth and sophisticated appeal. She oozes with privilege and people wish they could buy every single bottle of what she sells. She opens her mouth and flails her arms around casting a spell on the unknowingly naive devotees and followers. As she opens her mouth, honey pours from her lips to their ears. The students sit with open arms and hearts drinking in every bit of her wisdom. Her words meander mellifluously through space filling the void in their hearts and minds completely unaware of the emptiness they hold. We hear and see exactly what we what. We are conditioned to seek refuge in the clean white and pristine waters of the wise. Will the spell one day wear off? One day the eyes of these followers will be opened. The dry mouths and empty hearts will be satiated with truth. When the truth is revealed, they will realize we were not drinking honey, simply sipping water. The one you covet as a boundless ocean is just a babbling brook spewing water to those with thirsty mouths.