Life has its inherent truths. There are things that are undeniable and there are things that are miraculous. The fact that most bodies are able to workout and do yoga postures is physiology. The way you magically and unknowing get into your first arm balance, a miracle! But when it comes to putting your legs up a wall and that being a great relaxation posture, that is ridiculous. Firstly, putting legs up a wall is not Viparita Karani as most teachers say. Viparita Karani is more similar to a shoulderstand or closely resembles a supporter bridge pose with legs in the air. If that is the posture, legs up a wall with your back on the ground and breathing, is not the same thing. This is psychological. When you desire or expect a result and willingly or willfully create the experience, that is your mind. You’ve created the conditions and fostered the belief you wanted. Backbends are not always energizing, and forward folds are not always relaxing, though that’s what the yoga industry perpetuates. Backbends for some people create anxiety and Forward Folding can induce panic. The mental and emotional responses cultivated through yoga is subjected to our individual interpretation based on our past experiences and conditioning. The “how you do it” is physiology and the “why we do it “is psychological. Are we going through the motions of life because we can? Physiologically, yes! Sometimes we are moving through life without awareness. Are we living with attention; Aware of why and how? Psychology.