When doing the arduous work it takes to become self aware, empowered and learn how to be a better partner; this work is best done if you are single, celibate and sober. To deepen my understanding of myself, I took a vow of celibacy and sobriety, I was already single to start. This 5 year journey led me to self discovery and a sexual awakening. As a yoga teacher, celibacy is talked about as a way to help develop more energy and a way to be more creative. Does lack of sex actually do this? It could just leave you frustrated and distracted.  I wasn’t focused on satisfying my desires and urges. I channeled my attention to study, work and artistic pursuits. I was able to embrace more self love by self confidence through reflection and participating more thoughtfully in my career and friendships. I was more diligent and hard working without the distraction of a relationship. I wasn’t overindulgent in adult beverages or activities. My career excelled and my willingness to be independent grew. I became more self-sufficient and willing to adventure out on my own. Dinners and movies alone, which I previously thought of as lonely and depressing now were liberating and entertaining. Without alcohol, life around excess drinking was no longer appealing. Of course, I was able socialize with a club soda in my hand. Dating was a challenge. The pool to choose from is very slim when you limit drinking as a social actives and sex as a hobby. Six years later, I was in an LTR (long term relationship) right after my self-care incubation. I started my own yoga studio. If you want to learn how to value something, try going without it for a long time. This will teach you to appreciate what you have.