Have you ever been in a class where someone just stops working out, drops to their knees or sits down or worse? Then maybe they stand up and start drinking water in class? If the instructor or teacher doesn’t call a water break, why are you guzzling water? “I’m dehydrated! I’m going to pass out” are some of the exclamations I hear from people. Most times, students just don’t want to continue working hard so they drink water to take a break.  I’ve done that before during a dreaded CrossFit workout, and that’s why I stick with yoga. Have you done it? To abruptly stop the flow of class to be self-indulgent by drinking water is rude to the class it’s a pinnacle moment. The sudden pause followed by the clanking of a metal thermos or crunching of a plastic bottle concluded by a chugging sound is not quiet. Thanks for ruining the mood! If you’re dehydrated, hydrate yourself hours before your workout. In the middle of a class, drinking water only wets your mouth and fills your belly. Now you have water sloshing around in your stomach. How can you keep up with the class now? A big part of a group fitness class is upholding the class as an active participant in the room. You are one of many people paying for an experience. Let’s try to honor everyone’s time, money and experience by staying invested in the 45-60 minute we’ve dedicated to health, wellness and mindfulness.